Constructing Cloud Infrastructure Using Amazon Web Service Native Tools.  

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A brief about the client and the problem: 

The client, a leading IT service provider with wider presence across India and the Middle East was facing challenges with respect to the infrastructure for Dev, Preprod and production Workload. Since a considerable amount of time was spent on the maintenance of the application platform, the client was in need of a solution where the platform required the least maintenance and support, while being easily scalable. 

Expected solution: 

  • Infrastructure to be built in Amazon Web Services cloud which will use the Amazon Web Services to run their application platform. 
  • Infrastructure to be in form of template which will be re-used at any point of time to deploy the identical infra in different stages like Dev, Preprod, and Production. 
  • The process should consume less amount of time with minimal human workload on the same.   
  • Need minimal maintenance for the platform where the application will be hosted. 
  • Need zero VM maintenance. 
  • Want the solution to be highly available and scalable.   

The CloudArmee Solution:  

  • Proposed to the client to use the CloudFormation template, also known as Infrastructure as a code (IAAC) service from AWS cloud native tool which is re-usable in nature.  
  • The CloudFormation template can be promoted to setup various parts for running the applications. This method will also reduce human workload as it will be a pre-defined one and no major changes would be required for the same.    
  • Proposed the usage of the Elastic Container Services [ ECS] with the Fargate run time compatibilities which eliminates the maintenance of VMs.  

Services used for the Solution:  

  • CloudFormation Template  
  • Elastic Container service [ ECS] + Fargate Compatibilities  
  • Private Endpoints  
  • API Gateway  
  • Application Load balancer and Target Groups  
  • Network Load balancer with Application as a target  
  • S3 Bucket  
  • Elastic file system   
  • SQS   
  • RDS DB  

Architectural representation  


Constructing infrastructure using Amazon Web Service native tools enabled the business to minimize the need for manual intervention, enforce consistency and reduce turnaround time. In this case, the solution provided by CloudArmee has been successfully implemented in the Dev, Preprod and production Workload, helping the business promote agility, scalability, and resilience. The solution also helped in streamlining processes and reducing maintenance by creating repeatable processes.  

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