What is Cloud Economics? How Does it add Value?  

What is Cloud Economics How Does it add Value  

Today, every organization is aware of cloud readiness assessments and why they are crucial for successful cloud migration. Similar to a cloud readiness assessment, organizations must explore and comprehend the concept of cloud economics before moving their operations to the cloud.    One of the main motives for businesses moving to the cloud is cost optimization. The operational […]

What Are Cloud Governance Best Practices?  

What Are Cloud Governance Best Practices

As enterprises increasingly rely on cloud-based resources for their IT infrastructure, proper governance of that infrastructure – and ensuring that access to it is restricted to those who need it – is critical. A variety of vendors offer cloud governance solutions, and it can be difficult to decide which is best for the organization based […]

A Complete Guide to TerraForm

A Complete Guide to TerraForm

Terraform is an excellent tool used by DevOps teams to automate various infrastructure tasks. Its provisioning of cloud resources is one of the main use cases. Terraform is cloud-agnostic and open-source, written in the Go language, and created by HashiCorp.   Terraform allows you to easily create and manage your infrastructure in code, regardless of where […]

Migrating Data Warehouse to AWS Cloud: 5 Best Practices 

Migrating Data Warehouse to AWS Cloud

Data warehouses are widely used in businesses for analytical purposes and decision-making in divisions like Sales, Marketing, and Finance that frequently use reports and dashboards. However, the development of digital technologies over the last few years has altered the data warehouse landscape, according to Microsoft. To consolidate systems, scale operations, and enable mobile self-service, businesses […]

Aws and Healthcare: 7 Ways Cloud is Overhauling Healthcare

Aws and Healthcare 7 Ways Cloud is Overhauling Healthcare

COVID-19 and social distancing pushed for rapid industrialization in the healthcare industry. Many businesses jumped on the bandwagon to make digital transformation a reality, and cloud migration made it possible for them.  Cloud in the Healthcare sector  A startling 98% of healthcare firms have already used or plan to adopt cloud computing. Cloud computing enables […]

Top 5 Reasons to Partner With a Managed Services Provider

Top 5 Reasons to Partner With a Managed Services Provider

Businesses in every sector are aiming to achieve agility at a rapid pace. This requires a more proactive strategy, which can eventually burden internal IT teams with increased responsibility. As they struggle in this new era to optimise business systems and keep up with emerging trends, it becomes inevitable to rope in a managed services […]

5 Strategies for Enterprise Cloud FinOps

5 Strategies for Enterprise Cloud FinOps

One of the latest buzzwords in cloud computing is FinOps. It describes “cloud cost optimization” and combines two crucial departments: finance and operations (also called cloud financial management or cloud cost management). Definition of FinOps  The process of introducing financial accountability to the cloud’s variable spend paradigm enabling distributed teams to balance speed, cost, and […]

Why cloud and DevOps are effective together?

Cloud computing plays a significant role in empowering agility in today’s contentious and progressive business world. When combined with DevOps processes, businesses attain to obtain more in terms of quicker runtimes, scaling on demand, consistency of code, and overall better performance of the software. In this blog, we will discuss, how cloud and DevOps work […]


During their transition to the cloud, many companies accumulate heaps of tech debt (or technical debt). To achieve a successful DevOps journey, enterprises must first identify and erase the technical debt that is impeding their development. You can put your business up for success on the DevOps journey and transform your culture at the same time by […]

7 ways Managed Services can be beneficial during Backup and Disaster Recovery

Cyber malware, power outages, natural disasters, and the failure of equipment can affect your business in so many ways. It even has the potential to bring your business down. In the year 2018, the cybercrime attacks increased to up to 350% all around the world. It is costing businesses billions of losses each year. Now, […]