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Stats 01

By 2025, over 100 zettabytes of data will be stored in the cloud.

Stats 02

48 per cent of businesses choose to store their classified and most essential data on the cloud

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Cloud cost optimization is a top priority for 61 per cent of organizations.

About Us

Cloudarmee is your strategic AWS cloud partner. We put your business on the track of cloud advantage by tapping the power and agility of the cloud. With over 12 years of managed cloud operations experience, CloudArmee devises solutions that stay abreast with the changing cloud environment. The 4 Ops Framework is a unique set of solutions that comprehensively covers the various pillars of cloud operations that an enterprise should focus on. It helps you make productivity gains and operational efficiency while keeping the cost of managing IT infrastructure in check. 

Our 4 Ops Framework

A comprehensive solution to design, develop, and manage your cloud operations with ease 


Tackle the growing complexity of cloud-based deployments and operations with a rapid response team. We break the complexity wallwith proper planning and monitoring.   


From aligning the goals of the Security and Development Teams to managing vulnerabilities efficiently, we streamline your DevOps workstream on the cloud. 


Our 9-layer security checkpoint framework helps you keep your data secure and reduce risk while continuing to achieve business goals. 


With the help of our FinOps services, you can restrain cloud costs while ensuring a dynamic, scalable, proactive cloud environment. 


Cloud services that equip you to organize and optimize your cloud!  

Cloud migration

We help you overcome the challenges of data loss, interoperability, downtime and more when undertaking your cloud migration.

24*7 Cloud monitoring and support

We help you leverage the full capability of your cloud environment by detecting and mitigating all untoward events through close monitoring.

Cloud cost optimization

Make unnecessary cloud costs a thing of the past with CloudArmee cloud cost intelligence team’s support.

Holistic cloud management

Get actionable insights into cloud services and processes from CloudArmee’s expert cloud professionals.

Cloud resilience is just a step away! Take your next BIG step with US! 

What we do

We empower businesses to maximize their performance on the cloud through tailor-made solutions. We focus on delivering: 

Advanced cloud services
24*7 Customer support
Strengthened security
Proactive IT Infrastucture

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Wish to discover the shortcut to cloud excellence and digital resilience? Let’s help you! 

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