Our company values

Open communication

At CloudArmee, we believe that open, honest & respectful communications during collaborations would go a long way in achieving company and personal goals.


We encourage a culture of accountability by making commitments and ensuring that they are met without fail.

Customer Centricity

We place our customers at the center and weigh the value created for them more than anything.


We believe in the adage, ‘Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much.’ We bring the unique talent of individuals to the table and use them for a common purpose.

Quality service

Our service sets us apart from our competitors. We consider customer satisfaction as our major goal and work towards attaining excellence with our services.

Work Life Balance

At Cloudarmee, we help our employees strike a healthy work-life balance. We give them flexibility at work to ensure that they have enough time to enjoy their personal life.

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