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Building secure and efficient infrastructure for Applications

WAR or Well-Architected Review is considered as the evaluation of the AWS Architecture. AWS Well Architected Review plays a significant role in identifying the distinct issues in the environment to build a safe and effective architectural infrastructure. The Well-Architected infrastructure enables efficient outcomes such as better customer experience, reduced costs, and many more. At CloudThat, you will be assured of receiving the most efficient AWS well architected framework review that can help the cloud architects to build an efficient infrastructure.

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Advanced Tier Services

The services provided by our expert team covers all aspects, including, but not limited to, building, development, deployment and debugging.


This development tool plays a vital role in the cloud architecture design, failing which deployment would be difficult.


CloudThat has a wonderful foundation consisting of an expert team of architects and designers alike.

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Cloud architecture design and development is in much demand in the public sector, which is gladly catered by CloudThat.

Pillars of AWS Well -Architected Framework

Operational Excellence

The pillar focuses on operating and monitoring the system and working on the improvements in different processes involved.


This pillar highlights the importance on the protection of the data and system.


The focus of this pillar is on the performance of the workloads, their intended functioning, and recovery from failures.

Performance Efficiency

The main focus of this pillar is on the efficient and structural allotment of computing and IT resources.

Cost Optimization

This pillar emphasizes upon avoiding unwanted expenses. It includes selecting appropriate types and quantities of resources and more.


This pillar ensures that there are minimum environmental effects of running cloud workloads.

Core Competencies


24*7 monitoring and support of your cloud environment with rapid response team to handle incidents, service requests and daily maintenance tasks with an SLA promise of 100%.


From automating your CI/CD pipeline to handling your weekly deployment cycles, our DevOps specialists help you manage your DevOps work stream on cloud.


Our 9-layer security checkpoint framework monitors all the entry & exit points of your cloud environment enabled by proactive cloud security operations.


Run a cost-controlled cloud with right sized cloud services and acceptable utilization levels, adhering to well-architected framework with the help of our FinOps experts.

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