Cloud is undoubtedly one of today’s most demanded and effective technologies. The cloud transformed the entire look of the traditional business model and made innovativeness possible in the workplace, such as online AI services, online collaboration, etc. For several companies, cloud migration has become a challenge, not of if but of how.  

Cloud migration is an equation with several sides. Though it may seem daunting in the beginning, the correct preparation will assure you a smooth migration. In this article, will learn about the key challenges faced during migration and how managed services resolve them.

cloud migration

With the changing business landscape, several organizations now have remote workers, multiple computing platforms, several tools, and numerous offices. Though these changes bring ample opportunities, they also table new challenges for businesses. Especially IT, Healthcare, Banking, and Finance are struggling to keep up with the pace.

As cloud resolves most of these challenges, several businesses hasten to adopt cloud computing processes. But they often forget the fact that Cloud migration introduces its own set of challenges. The best part is that none of these challenges are without solutions.

Let’s discuss how you can resolve the challenges in cloud migration through cloud-managed services and make your migration as simple as possible.

Challange #1: Financial cost

Though in the long run, the cost of cloud migration sees returns of increased efficiency, cheaper admin costs, and modernized processes. Getting there can still be pretty expensive.

Financial anxieties involve almost every challenge of migration. The immediate cost for migration, along with the long term financial risks and the training after the cloud migration, and some of the top migration costs include:

Cloud migration solution:

Controls cost of migration:

Cloud sprawl often goes side by side with surpassing your primary budget. The cloud occurrences keep rising without obvious, intentional reason and, costs commence and get out of control. In order to keep your cloud expenses in line, you should measure the costs right from day 1 and assign them to particular cost centers. Calculating the costs and performance on regular basis is vital for assessing the ROI of your cloud migration to determine that the whole migration process was successful. The cloud managed services can save you from these charges and provide you with precise data of money spent on cloud migration.

Challenge #2: Lack of strategy

More often than not, businesses decide to migrate to the cloud without any proper strategy. Critical cloud migration requires planning and deliberation. However, businesses often do not plan strategy and, just go with what they think is good for business.

They often feel overwhelmed by the several cloud migration strategies, such as the lift and shift model, app modernization and, refactoring, as well as re-platforming, etc. And end up using a strategy that does not suit their business or with no strategy whatsoever.

Cloud migration solution:

Formulate a cloud migration strategy for your business:

Having no clear objective is one of the most common cloud migration challenges. From time to time, business managers reach out to CloudArmee after finding themselves stuck in a fair amount of cloud migration work. In such cases, our expertise often goes back to the start and formulate a suitable cloud migration strategy for their business. To avoid this process working with cloud managed services right from the beginning will give you a foolproof strategy for your business while saving you a lot of time, effort, and money.

Challenge #3: Shortage in skill

Regardless of the several benefits that cloud computing offers the complications of migration limit numerous organizations in their paths. One of the chief challenges is finding people who have the skills to manage an effective cloud migration.

Cloud migration solution:

Training employees on your cloud solutions:

One of the frequently indicated cloud migration challenges is neither charges nor safety issues but the absence of training for your employees. The cloud-managed services always offer team training sessions and even video tutorials to make it easy for your employees to understand the whole cloud computing and migration process. Allocating time for training is included as one of the services by the cloud managing services, therefore making it easy for your employees to handle cloud infrastructure and making your migration process easy.


Cloud migration is not just challenging but is an opportunity to make current business processes agile and innovative. If you are planning to move to the cloud or, facing challenges in cloud migration and want to have a smooth migration process, contact CloudArmee. With 10+ years of relevant AWS experience in managing complex cloud environments for our customers, we are a team of AWS consulting partners focused on delivering unparalleled customer success, ensuing streamlined and successful cloud migration.

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