The Checklist you should follow while adopting Cloud Managed Services.

Regardless of your annual revenue, it is rational to align your business with the opportunities of growth and cloud management service offerings from the appropriate provider to stimulate your potency and boost your bottom line.

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Your company runs on data. Without comprehensive cloud management, your business is probably prone to security threats, data loss, and cost reduction. Irrespective of your cloud environment, the cloud-managed service providers maintain comprehensive cloud expertise to support your environment, fill in administration gaps, and provide cloud acquiescence services.

Checklist to follow while adopting the cloud managed services partner:

Did you notice how I said cloud managed services ‘partner’ not provider, vendor, or consultant? Well, that is because you need to feel comfortable and confident enough that they are looking out for you, and not just doing some business. Here are the few checklist points that you should look for while adopting your next cloud-managed services partner.

Check if they have Available, Friendly, and Talented Professional Staff:

Always make sure that you look for a reputable company with exceptional client references and certifications. Check if they have a staff with broad awareness of current tech subjects along with the strategic depth in prominent areas, and a dedication to ongoing learning.

You must partner with a firm that demonstrates specialization in many vital areas with decent staff members.

Ensure that their staff would be available 24*7. The staff of your cloud-managed service partner should be able to articulate and provide you with their official policy on how they handle risks, errors, and issues. Make sure that they have staff that you can easily work together with to solve any kind of problems as soon as they flare-up.

Check to the points during the service level agreements:

In your legal agreement, always look for tight coverage and accurate response times for the most common types of cloud challenges that impact your business. Check how much security they are providing. How long are they taking to respond? How quickly will their services be restored? What are the financial incentives applied for laggard service response time? Always feel free to negotiate for the availabilities, guarantees, and penalties according to the business requirements.

Verify if they are offering a written service level commitment clause that outlines how they are handling the issues by severity and impact level. The critical concerns or emergencies require a committed service response. Other vital clauses of the agreement should include change management, migration, process and controls, access policies, and infrastructure resource management.

Check how much it is costing you:

Don’t let this disturb the fact that you are adopting managed services to save cost on your cloud computing activities. So, make sure you check that the managed service you are partnering with is going to save a fortune in the long haul.

Check if their technology is future proof:

Though cloud is an immense technology, check if your cloud-managed service partner is on their feet with identifying, analyzing, and adopting new technologies. It will only help you enhance and streamline your business effortlessly and always keeps you ahead in your game.


To conclude, keep in mind that the managed services partner that you adopt is in for the long run and the partner you choose will affect your business directly and indirectly. So make sure you choose the right partner. Are you looking for a cloud-managed service that checks all the above boxes and provides you with even more? Contact CloudArmee. With our cloud-managed services with 10+ years of relevant AWS experience in managing complex cloud environments for our customers, we are a team of AWS experts focused on delivering unparalleled customer success.