Amazon Web Services popularly known as AWS is a resilient environment to manage costs whilst maintaining excellent performance and operating time for your application. With the help of promptly available tools, you can effortlessly right size your services and optimize your spending on IT. In this article, we will learn about a few tips to save money on AWS charges.

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The pricing options and, services of AWS offer the most flexibility to effectively manage your AWS charges and still maintain the performance of your business. Much as the primary process of cost optimization on AWS remains unchanged.

Before you start taking any actions to minimize the costs, make sure you find out the cost of AWS services that you are using and, work accordingly.

Tips to save money on AWS charges:

Eliminate Any Superfluous Instances:

First things first if you are not using any of the AWS instances, you have to eliminate them as immediately as you can. The very first step to save money on AWS services is to eliminate any kind of superfluous instances.

Right Size Your AWS Services:

Take a minute to examine your AWS requirements, monitor the resources that you are utilizing. Make certain that you are employing servers with the CPU, memory, storage, and networking required. If you are paying for an instance that provides more than you need, downsize it. Always remember to scale up or down as per the requirements of your business accordingly.

Try AWS Trusted Advisor:

AWS Trusted Advisor encompasses a set of best practice analyses and recommendations across the five categories:

As outlined above, you can easily save money on AWS by eliminating superfluous and idle resources or by making delegations to reserved capacity. Make sure you take the advantage of the guidance given by your trusted advisor regularly to assist in keeping your solutions supportive ideally.

Use Spot Instances:

Deploying Amazon EC2 Spot Instances enables you to obtain spare Amazon EC2 computing capacity. Compared to the other on-demand pricing, you can save up to 90%. It is one of the best ways to save money on AWS.

Reckon with Reserved Pricing

If you’re in a situation to prepay, you should always try to consider reserved pricing. With reserved instances, you can save as much as 75% over equivalent on-demand potential. The more extensive the beforehand payment, the greater your discount percentage. In addition, there is a discounted marketplace for “handed-down” reservations.

Use CloudWatch and AutoScaling:

Lastly, CloudWatch observes your usage. Based on your usage, you can use AutoScale to accommodate instantly to your enterprise requirements. 

Consider AWS managed services:

Some things are better left for the professionals. If you are looking for some maximum cost saving in AWS opting for AWS managed services is the best thing you can do. As there will be a professional team with a primary focus to save you money, there is no second-guessing in it.


You can save a fortune in AWS by following the above-mentioned tips. If you are considering AWS managed services to reduce your AWS costs, contact CloudArmee. With 10+ years of relevant AWS experience in managing complex cloud environments for our customers, we are a team of AWS experts focused on delivering unparalleled customer success. 

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